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My habilitation project will focus on the use and reuse (reception history and metahistorical constructions) of classical antiquity (especially the Dacian – late La Téne and Roman past) in the official publication of the Romanian Orthodox Church and several individual case studies from 1918-2018. The project is the first one focusing on the complex, discourse analysis and historical examination of the reception-history of antiquity in a religious institution from Romania and Central-Eastern Europe. The methodology proposed for the project combines Religious Studies and Historiography as well. Previously, I have published several studies focusing on the reception of antiquity in the works of Béla Cserni, András Bodor, the history of archaeological research in Transylvania and the metahistory of Roman Dacia in the contemporary academic works of Romanian scholars.



Review: Giuseppe Tateo, Under the Sign of the Cross. The People’s Salvation Cathedral and the Church-Building Industry in Postsocialist Romania, New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2020.